'Spending Log' for iPhone




for iPhone


"Whether you are stretching your salary to the end of the month or saving towards a particular goal, this app will help you keep track of your progress."

 - The Sunday Times




'Spending Log' logs your income and expenses so you can keep track of where your money is spent. You can keep track of your money going out of and in to different accounts and can categorise these transactions for easy analysis. 

  • Identify areas where you could cut back your expenditure 
  • Know for sure where the money goes 


Group your purchases into categories so you can :

  • See how much you spend on groceries in a typical week 
  • See what proportion of your total spend was on fuel last month 
  • Split your purchases any way you like for an analysis relevant to you 


'Spending Log' is highly configurable allowing you to set up accounts, categories and time periods to suit your circumstances. You can analyse how much you spend over any combination of different accounts and categories for any time period you like. 

  • Highly Configurable - Make it Your Own 
  • Record Income & Expenditure on Multiple Accounts - Current, Savings, Business Expense Account, etc 
  • Record Income & Expenditure under user defined Categories - Groceries, Fuel, Clothes, etc
  • Analyse your Expenditure & Income over ANY time period - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Every 10 days, etc
  • Record Account Transfers
  • Analysis includes a breakdown by Category of Expenditure Totals, Proportions & Averages over any Time Period
  • Set up Automated Reoccurring Transactions & Account Transfers - Monthly rent payment, Regular payment into a Savings Account, etc
  • E-Mail your Transactions as a CSV file attachment from within the App ; CSV files work with most spreadsheet software
  • View your logged Transactions in a Bank Statement like format
  • See your Account Balances at a glance
  • Be your own money manager